Scholarship Recipients

We are proud to recognize and celebrate the talented individuals who have been awarded the Orbtronics Scholarship.

Meet Our Bright Scholars Of 2022

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These exceptional students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements, a commitment to their communities, and a passion for innovation in technology and engineering.

Letana Bruneau

Letana Bruneau, an alumna of St. Joseph's Convent, graduated from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in 2022. Her academic focus spanned Applied Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. With a foundation rooted in excellence, Letana's journey highlights her dedication to scientific exploration. Eager to unravel complexities, she aspires to contribute meaningfully to her chosen field.

Ethan Leandre

Ethan Leandre, an alumnus of St. Mary's College, specialized in Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Management of Business at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. With a keen interest in the intersection of Mathematics and commerce, Ethan's academic journey reflects his determination to comprehend and navigate complex economic landscapes.

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Joy Dupigny

Joy Dupigny achieved her graduation milestone from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in 2023. Her academic journey centered on Pure Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. Joy's commitment to education showcases her determination to comprehend the intricate balance between scientific principles. With roots in both analytical thinking and life sciences, she is poised to explore innovative solutions at the crossroads of these disciplines.

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