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After hosting a successful student digital skills training last year, local business Orbtronics is expanding its reach district by district. In September digital training sessions will be held at the Gros Islet Human Resource Center for individuals sixteen years and older.

Participants will be engaged in training on social media, marketing, website design, basic graphic design, power point presentations, e-commerce tools and the effective use of information management systems like Google Suit.

Orbtronics co-founder Kegan Patrick says this type of engagement with the public is geared towardsincre4asing digital literacy and the number of digital businesses in Gross Islet.

“We want to help develop this interest in technology. We want to see St Lucia and the Caribbean region become a place where we are not only users of innovative technology but we become creators of innovative technology.

The three focused area of the company are website and mobile applications development, rapid prototyping services and the stem educational program that includes the digital skills training.

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