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Spearheading Caribbean tech advancement with Draper Startup House CARICOM, we're fueling this initiative, offering co-working and co-living spaces, along with top-tier advisors.

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At Orbtronics, innovation is not just a concept—it's our way of life.

We cultivate an ecosystem where creativity flourishes, barriers dissolve, and possibilities expand exponentially. In partnership with Draper Startup House CARICOM, we equip entrepreneurs with the tools, guidance, and connections necessary to propel impactful ventures forward. For corporations, we present tailored solutions, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.

If you're a startup, eager to thrive, express your interest in joining the hub here.

Services & Solutions

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Co-working & Co-living Spaces

Orbtronics provides a collaborative work environment coupled with flexible living arrangements.

 Prototyping Process
End-to-End Prototyping

Proficiency in hardware and software development to speed up product development cycles.

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World-Class Mentorship

Guidance and strategic direction by leaders in the business and technology industries.

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Corporate Innovation Solutions

Our first-class advisors work directly with established companies to tackle complex issues, develop new products and services.

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Funding Pathways

Linking entrepreneurs to investors, and venture capitalists for potential capital acquisition.

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Dual-Pronged Approach

We support both aspiring entrepreneurs and established corporations to maintain an innovative ecosystem.

Our Portfolio Companies


At Rifbid, we bridge the gap between visionary suppliers and government agencies, offering a streamlined platform for discovering and bidding on government contracts.

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CARICOM Sustainable Development Company

Led by Draper Startup House and powered by INNOVATIVE Solution company, Proteus Technologies Limited and supported by One Caribbean offers comprehensive renewable solutions for sustainable development in residential, community, and industrial settings.

  1. Solar Farm Projects
  2. Freight Farms Project
  3. Watergen Project

GenTech Analytica

GenTech Analytica is a nascent genetic analysis company committed to transforming healthcare and understanding through advanced genomic insights. Their mission is to make genetic testing accessible, informative, and impactful for individuals and communities, with a particular focus on the Caribbean region. They harness cutting-edge technologies and employ artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive testing services that empower individuals to uncover the mysteries within their DNA.


Industry Insights

Grenada Innovation Hub Final Report

Unlocking Grenada's Tech Potential: Dive into the Final Report of the Grenada Innovation Hub. Discover how fostering open innovation cultivates a skilled IT workforce ready to tackle complex challenges.

Orbtronics Innovation Hub Feasibility Study

Discover how the Orbtronics Innovation Hub offers hope and new opportunities for Barbados, St. Lucia, and Trinidad amidst tourism challenges. Empowering youth, retaining talent, fostering innovation, and driving efficiency.

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