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Our founders Shergaun Roserie and Keeghan Patrick were invited to take part in the International Telecommunications Union’s Global Youth Summit in their capacities as Global Youth envoys for the Americas Region. The Youth Summit aimed to give various youth from around the world the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and impact policy regarding digital transformation across the globe. The youth summit was a precursor to the World Telecommunication Development Conference, where various heads of government from around the world meet to discuss the development of telecommunications and digital transformation over the coming years. At this conference, the youth’s call to action document was submitted to the heads of government to consider the thoughts and ideas put forward by the youth from around the world.

In an interview with one of our founders here is what he had to say about the summit:

Mr. Shergaun Roserie: “Overall, I believe that Generation Connect Global Youth Summit was a fantastic event where I had the opportunity to network and collaborate with many inspirational individuals. The Summit was able to spark thought-provoking discussions through its intergenerational dialogue sessions where experienced global leaders, shared their thoughts on specific digital transformation issues. I also had the opportunity to participate in smaller break-out room sessions such as discussions around the future of work, quantifying youth development using a global youth index, the impact of AI on the future of jobs, and the metaverse. I believe that the event achieved the outcome of creating an empowering environment for aspiring regulators, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to grow into their roles as future leaders. One of the common themes which recurred throughout the event and which I think that St Lucia should adopt is to have greater meaningful involvement of young persons in high-level decision making. Young persons need to be more empowered and to see that their contributions are taken seriously. There also needs to be more emphasis on facilitating digital skills development workshops that apply to the specific needs of the population they are targeting. Finally, high-level Saint Lucian professionals should engage more youth through mentorship opportunities to help inspire and mold the next generation. Although the youth is 50% of the population, they are 100% of the future.”

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