Orbtronics Co-Founder Emerges as Commonwealth Top 50 Youth Changemakers

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In a historic moment of recognition and celebration, Shergaun Ziko Roserie, one of Orbtronics’ founders, a company dedicated to empowering youth through STEM educational training programs, has emerged as one of the top 50 youth changemakers in the Commonwealth. The 2023 Commonwealth Youth Award has bestowed this prestigious honour upon Shergaun, highlighting the remarkable impact of Orbtronics’ initiatives on young minds across the Caribbean.  


The Vision Unveiled From Its Inception 

The team at Orbtronics have held a powerful vision of empowering youth with the boundless possibilities of technology. Our commitment to fostering digital literacy programs for youth, aged 16-35, while simultaneously inspiring students as young as 12-16 through comprehensive STEM education, showcases the depth of our dedication to shaping future generations throughout Saint Lucia and the wider region. 


Illuminating a Journey of Impact  

Orbtronics’ journey of impact to date has been awe-inspiring to the team. Witnessing young minds flourish and grow as they embrace their passion for technology and embark on remarkable paths of achievement has been a defining hallmark of our success. The stories of former students who have graduated from our programs and are now making significant contributions to society stand as a motivation to the team to continue supporting the education of our youth. 


Unravelling the Key to Triumph  

Behind the momentous occasion of the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Award lies the team’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. Our dedication to cultivating an inclusive learning environment has been instrumental in securing this prestigious recognition. Furthermore, the invaluable support from local and regional sponsors, most notably Republic Bank Power To Make A Difference and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, has been a driving force in expanding our reach and impact. 


Paving the Way for a Brighter Tomorrow 

 In the wake of this resounding news, we continue to invite organizations and individuals in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean region to join us in transforming STEM education. As the world watches and acknowledges the significance of investing in the future of youth, Shergaun’s achievement serves as a compelling invitation for more sponsors to join in as we break ground on what will soon be called the Silicon Forest in the Caribbean. Together, we can create a profound impact on countless young lives, enabling them to unlock their potential and become catalysts for positive change in the world. 

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