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The Orbtronics Junior program focuses on providing students within the age ranges of 12-16 with the opportunity to ease into the basic principles required for robotics. Students shall be taught primarily using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit. This platform allows students to learn the fundamental principles of computer programming using an accessible graphical programming interface. The LEGO interface also allows students to gain hands-on experience with designing and assembly in a safe environment.

The kit itself may be configured in a number of configurations and is limited only by the student’s creativity. The average Orbtronics Junior/AP program shall consist of a total of approximately 60 hours of direct instruction within the aforementioned areas and will include various career and character development activities embedded within the program. Each Orbtronics program is tailored specifically to the needs outlined by our clients, based on the demographic and socioeconomic background of the targeted audience.

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