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In the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, Caribbean hotels are constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate guest experiences and boost revenue. One significant avenue that remains underutilized in the region is the integration of mobile applications in the tourism industry. The 2023 Lodging Technology Study study stated that 100% of hoteliers surveyed (representing 18,000 luxury, upscale, midscale and economy properties worldwide) said they currently offer or plan to add mobile check-in, mobile key and mobile reservations this year.

This blog post explores the benefits of mobile apps for Caribbean hotels, demonstrating their impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.


Benefits of a Hotel Mobile Application

  • Hotels can increase their sales by having guests book extra services like spa treatments or fine dining through their mobile app. Research by CHART(2021) shows that mobile apps increase hotels’ on-site revenue by more than 117%. This is because mobile applications are the primary interaction point for guests, and a user-friendly interface can help to increase the engagement rate. It is also the perfect tool for hotels to turn their one-time guests into regulars. By integrating a loyalty program into the mobile app, hotels give guests the possibility to collect points and earn rewards, thus encouraging them to be committed to the hotel’s brand.


  • A mobile app can simplify and optimize the booking and check-in process. Carlino (2015) asserted that guest experience with hotel applications can be connected to improvement of guest values in a digital environment. As guests increasingly use their smartphones to find and collect information, they are likely to access hotel applications to obtain a variety of useful information such as tourist attractions, checking in/out, to access room service, promotions and other information. According to Criton (2020), 80% of hotel guests would download a hotel app that would enable them to check-in, check-out and get all information about the hotel when travelling. Based on these experiences, the credibility for a hotel will increase, and is connected to improving the long-term relationships between hotels and guests. 


  • Mobile apps store guests’ data and propose services based on the user’s preferences. This allows for hotels to gain more information about their customers and, by tracking more detailed data, the operational team can continuously create a better hotel experience for guests. Many hotels have begun to encourage hotel guests to use mobile messaging to resolve their guest requests or questions. For instance, Marriott Hotel Corporation launched a 24-hour instant two-way chat service between hotel guests and hotel employees (Marriott Mobile App, n.d.). This system helps hotel guests gain necessary information instantly and reduces time and effort to plan their travel. Also, hotel guests can request room service, in-room amenities, car service to the airport, and reservations for restaurants and events through the hotel app.


  • A mobile app can break the language barrier between hotel staff and guests. It is common for hotels to receive guests from all around the globe, and with a mobile app that supports various languages, it is possible to avoid miscommunication and helps the staff deliver a better service. It is sometimes difficult for international tourists to have a direct experience regarding their destinations, they usually gather necessary information through a series of web searches and social media insight. A hotel mobile app would provide a personalized space where guests would be privy to detailed destination information about their stay.  Hotel app content can help international tourists customize their travel plans and, by introducing various tour package programs with pictures that encourage hotel guests to experience local culture, foods, and historical sites, the application can encourage more international travel.


Mobile apps serve as a one-stop-shop for guests, encouraging them to explore and book additional services. Whether it’s spa treatments, room upgrades, or local tours, integrating these services into the app can significantly boost a hotel’s overall revenue. 


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